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What Time's Do You Deliver?

We deliver the lunches at the following times during school days:

  • Matakana Primary -  12:25pm

  • Warkworth Primary - 12:30pm

Where Does The Lunch Get Dropped Off?

Matakana Primary 

Lunches get delivered to the School Hall and distributed to your child directly.

Warkworth Primary

A box will get delivered to your child's class for them to collect

IMPORTANT Should your child not receive their lunch, please get them to go to the office immediately, so they can call us direct. 

How Does The Lunch Make It To My Child?

In order for us to get your childs lunch to the right place as quickly as possible, Please include the following at the delivery details

Apt​ = Community (WW Primary Only)

Floor = Room Number

Entrance =  Teachers Name


Expand Delivery Instructions +

Childs Name 

Why Cant I just type the School Name at the delivery address?

You will need to put in the exact address of the school as below:

Matakana Primary - 952 Matakana Road

Warkworth Primary - 35 Hill Street


Do I Have to Fill In My Details Every Time?

If You Login with Facebook when placing your first order, we will remember your:

delivery details, kids name & class details, your credit card details as well as your order history to ensure a fast checkout for next time....  You're Welcome.

How Do I Pay?

You will need to pay by Credit Card before we can prepare & deliver the lunch. Please follow the prompts at checkout, we accept most major credit cards. 

How Do I Know You have received my Order?

We will send you an email to confirm your payment and order details

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